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The Poet Puzzle 500

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What would Homer, Socrates, and Aristotle look like if they were alive today? How can we ‘bring’ them into the present, without losing their identity, their recognizability and their aesthetic beauty? In our series ‘WISE REINVENTED – THE WISE ARE REDEFINED’, with the special design of their portraits, the past has been transferred to the present. With special attention to detail, the identity of their bust of every sage has been preserved, while at the same time new, modern features have been added, giving our characters a realistic and at the same time surreal feeling. It is an aesthetic result that will make even the most demanding art lovers say that the Wise Men really live among us.

Because today would be a nothing without the past!

Homer, ‘The Poet’.

Five hundred pieces of epic perfection! Challenge your skills and patience with this high quality puzzle!

Designed by Stavros Damos

Dimensions: 48 x 34 cm.
Pieces: 500

In stock

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