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A game of comparison and critical thinking.

An epic battle based on observation and the ability to make the right choice.

You do not need game instructions to play.

Athlos [áθlos] – Athlos is the Greek word for a great achievement, achievement, achievement.

Can you choose the best characteristic of the ancient Greek God or your Hero and achieve your own achievements? However, you have to be careful! If your opponent chooses the best way, then he may be able to take your beloved God or your beloved Hero out of your hands and eventually be crowned the winner. Be the first to choose the best feature of your God or Hero correctly, collect all your opponent’s cards and become the Greek legend you always dream of becoming!

‘ATHLOS Game’ is a card game that sharpens critical thinking and observation. The 26 durable cards have vibrant colors and a minimalist design, making them easy to memorize and making playing with friends and family even more interesting.

Easy to set up, easy to play! All you need is a sharp look and critical thinking, so that you can become a real Greek legend!

Designed by Ioannis Ergeletzis

Players: 2+
Ages: 3+

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