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Bracelet for special occasion

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Bracelet for special occasion, love bracelet,minimal,jewelry,gift,women

Love Band…
Why not give a Love Band as a present? One word…Four letters.Blessed are the ones who have been loved and unhappy those who never had love.
Each of us has a unique way to love:their way…When you love someone you dedicate your time,your attention and a part of your life to them.
When you love someone your actions clearly show how much you care. It’s the wholeness of defined actions and vague thought.
Emotions that guarantee the ability to cherish things together LOVE… existent,intangible, indefinite….. It has it’s own dimension.. It manifests…
A handmade band of love hammered to state that love has an irregular form as do our emotions. The band reminds us of the love we feel for someone or something at any moment in time.
Love can have many forms without being defined by quantity, time or space.
A band bound with delicate cord which if not handled with care correctly will break. You are the one who gives meaning to the love you have within and the love you have to offer.
You are the one resposible for the administration of your love.

Wear it and spread the love around the world.

P.S: It comes gift wrapped and ready for giving!

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